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Published Aug 20, 21
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this is what I experienced with some other clients, Bob and Jane, true story. They were working with such and such an attorney. And, we just weren't since of the attorney relationship and because they anticipated the attorney to deal with everything, they encountered this and this problem that they didn't even know about.

And so by, and all of an unexpected, And it really builds enormous credibility. I'm going to motivate you to use this experience in your discussions from here on, and were you on the call yesterday? I was in a training, a class and I couldn't make it yesterday.

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We talked about an entirely various concept, but the idea was how to turn that into a turn those stories into content techniques. How to use that story to create a one big piece of content and then little articles that kind of branch off of that to get your name out there.

So you want written reviews, you want video testimonials, you want to do a zoom interview with the lawyer. You wish to do a zoom interview with the litigation lawyer. You're getting included with the signed up financial investment advisor. Each of the household members, their kids, like any other kids that are over 18 years of ages and what the difference that equity and the life insurance coverage and the possession equity like.

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Is that very useful? I actually value it. I actually simply left of their home before getting on this call. My next call is to the lawyer and attempt to go and meet with them and get things going. I value it. Thank you men. [00:18:06] Thank you.

[00:18:24] [00:18:24] Hey, how are you men, got a question for you when you changed to the brand-new format and mastery, do we lose any of the archive proficiency training? No, I'm going to set up a, I think the best class I ever taught was the October class. [00:18:39] And I'm going to put that into a, sort of a memorialized last format where it'll remain as like the, unless I do a better task this month, we just had a really big crowd and we got into a lot more advanced subjects in the Q and a was nearly 8 hours because course.

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Permanently all the recordings that you have actually gotten in the past will remain there on go to webinar server. They'll you'll have access to those, but then there'll be that one version that's always available. So you can see what it utilized to be and how it got to where it is.

That's a lot of training. Are you going to go into some of the subtleties of, your sales mastery, how how I dig a lot more into psychology and truly, even some neurology.

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And. Actually protect whatever. You've worked so hard for, since that's what I discover myself. When people hit a certain level of success. That's where I seem like everybody has blind areas and after that they return to me and as we build our relationship and they scale this, I feel like I have actually left that out.

Due to the fact that as I have actually done this long enough, I realize like it's just something that no one else, individuals don't seem to be finding out that elsewhere. I'm going to offer you advice and, eventually it'll be you and your lawyer or your Certified Public Accountant that selects a structure for you, and then.

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and why I state more specifically why I say some of the important things I do and how I say them. So that's some of the stuff that's being included and best I can figure in my outlines. it's most likely gon na be pressing 24 hours of total course content. And it's probably need to take you 3 to 6 months to really implement if you hit it hard.

That does not matter if you pass the information part and you get your certification, then you can dig into the organization structure and all the other stuff. [00:21:34] [00:21:34] Sounds terrific. I'm thank you for having our backs with that. Not a great deal of people think of that night. I definitely am delighted about that.

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As the, ymy concern is if you're. If you're doing other things other than simply the probate, and your CRM. Do you have any CRMs you recommend.

That's too much that's I knew you have to be like a developer almost. And if you think that's no, you do not. If you're truly, and tech savvy, it appears to me like you have to know a lot about different things or invest a lot of money just to hand it over to somebody to build that.

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My next question is what is your budget? It in my answer is much like anything in property, it's all a return on financial investment. if I'm going to invest 5 or $10,000 on marketing, but I'm going to get a giant ROI, we'll find the money to make that take place.

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Salesforce is very powerful, very costly, and set up Is expensive and takes time. Podio is among the easier ones, not to dissatisfy you, however it is easier. So there's Podio is most likely the fastest since someone else has currently done the work. You just require to find the version that best fits your method.

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The price scale, kind of like the Mail, Chimp rate model. so I would motivate you to pick up the phone and talk with those guys. try to find individuals in your, in the other industries that you're operating in or the other methods you're using. search for Podio plugins that I have actually already, another person has already paid to construct and best.