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Published Aug 10, 21
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And obviously, in an ideal world with right skilled VA's we currently know a bit about social media. You would not, if somebody were to not have the ability to themselves execute it, that's where you would state, Hey, here's some general stuff, but what I'm attempting to do. go do it or figure it out.

That's one of the factors why, you understand, I was raising the age cause I know that there's those methods out there that I may not have the persistence or I might have simply too much add to get in front of the computer system and simply, drive myself insane and take the time to do it.

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And yeah, I think that's great that you're, that you're going to it. You're going to teach that since I heard that's a pretty, a nice thing. And it's only mind you, if you're avoid tracing the call or you're emailing them and they're not responding, however you truly do want to know.

And most of us are currently doing. However that's not going to happen. this showing up one that's somewhere down. Yeah. If I can consume adequate coffee, I hope by January or at some point in January. It will be long. [00:33:31] Extremely great. Thanks. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. God bless you guys.

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and, and I, either I'm not skilled, so whatever I've been going on You, Tube, however they have actually got older models of Excel on there. [00:34:02] Can you inform us what the function of doing it in a CSV versus a CRM? Why are you doing it that way? Oh, simply put, [00:34:09] I simply downloaded it since that's what I thought you was expected to do.

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And you'll click on it, click on the PR name and then that will open the lead detail view. Whatever's right there in a quickly usable format. Okay, so you can see the PRS name next to the departed member's name.

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if I don't obtain a person, I typically leave them a voicemail. In addition to that, I try to, quote unquote, touch them, in another method. I generally attempt to do a handwritten card, so that then, I left him a voicemail plus handwritten card.

I'm constantly staying in front of them. What I did to end up being more efficient is. I hand composed 2 variations of a card and had my digital person put them in a vector form and fit it to a size where on an eight by 11 sheet, you can fit four cards.

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Variation a hundred of each card, printed for $30. So it conserves a lot of times I'm not constantly handwriting unless it requires to be accustomed cart. nevertheless, I'm finding that when I do make my calls and then I desire to send the card by the time I'm done.

Is that something that possibly my out desk could do as, or is that too little of a job? I normally attempt to send the ball every day. [00:36:45] Wherever Brian Buffini may be worldwide today. He has cold chills and he's not sure why. if you haven't followed bluefin, you would, if you didn't get the joke, go search for Brian Buffini.

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so say so such a big thing and he constructed a profession around it and a following. Yeah. I applaud you for what you're doing. It's an excellent concept. I desire you to dedicate to stop doing it that way today. you have actually currently done the work you have actually written the notes.

And you're going to state, men, listen, I require to talk to somebody about getting this into your system and uploading custom lists. At the end of that prospecting session, or when you get all the way through that list, you're going to export that list, erase all of the ones that do not have that brief code.

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We're going to print the mama, got them, mail them, and you're never ever going to do this once again. [00:37:53] Oh, my God. It's life saver. All right, good. Thank you. I value that a lot. A lot. A lot. Yeah. It may. It makes it a lot easier now. Trigger I was just saying, all right, I have all these sheets of paper where I'm highlighting who it goes to, who it doesn't go to all that stuff, but then, but when it comes time to do it's just, it does not take place.

The way I just told you. Yeah, I like it. I enjoy it. I'm ops that starts 2 days. So thank you for that a hundred percent. the other question involves lawyer, When, some of the leads that I'm calling the PR phone number under the PR happens to be the attorney's phone number.

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Do you recommend still calling and possibly going with the method that you recommended to? I believe it was Scott where you're just asking the attorney for authorization to give his/her client the right context to complete. the non legal aspects of the probate. Cause I have not been calling cause I just didn't understand what method that is.

There either is no family to serve or the household as a weird than combating. and the judge stated, you people take a sideline, we're going to select someone else. That's usually the case. So the lawyer, excuse me. and in many cases, the attorney is the PR which circumstance.